Alloygator - alloy wheel protection


A Revolutionary Alloy Wheel protection system designed to protect & complement those precious Alloy Wheels.

  • BEWARE OF INFERIOR VERSIONS. We hold international patents!
  • Does not interfere with the main tyre bead seal
  • Available in 9 colours.
  • 4 wheels protected in under 1 hour. Fitting assistance
  • Universal size fitting wheel sizes up to and including 21″ with a maximum 3000 kgs weight.
  • Provides an instant refurb’ in most cases.
  • Please check suitability for your car and model before ordering.
alloygator - colors

Fitting & TrimmingThe ‘Gators’ can be fitted by following our detailed fitting video and instructions. All 5 ‘Gators’ can be fitted in 1 hour with time to spare. Must be fitted to the correct Wheel/Tyre combination. Not recommended for wheels with stretched tyres. AlloyGators are not designed to be used with rim mounted wheel balance weights.


AlloyGators are currently available in one size to suit up to 21″ Alloys with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3000kgs. Larger sizes coming soon.
If you are buying them as a gift you don’t need to know the size of their wheels, due to the universal fit.

Gator Gallery

View an sample of cars (to the right) to which AlloyGators have been fitted. If in doubt, as to whether they will fit your car or not, simply contact us and we will advise appropriately.